Illinois Gambling Laws – Why?


Gambling in the United States is a billion dollar industry. Yet, the staggering number of gamblers and the huge profits they earn suggest that much more should be done to improve gambling behavior. Many states are attempting to change gambling laws to make the games safer and, as the laws require, more money and hope are added to the government coffers.

Each state must show full responsibility for the actions taken to prevent gambling addiction. The home state governments also have a role to play in ensuring that the citizens of their state are safe. For the first time, the U.S. Federal Government has taken steps to increase funding to improve the gambling systems of casinos and other gambling facilities.

The Anti-Gambling and Addiction Act of 2020 requires states to develop guidelines for gambling policies, plans and management systems to prevent and treat gambling related crimes. As stated in the law, these policies, plans and management systems must require licenses and require gamblers to follow local, state and federal laws.

The state of Illinois is the first to actually be subject to the new laws of anti-gambling and addiction. As a state whose population exceeds that of all but seven countries, it is no surprise that the law was designed to protect residents of the Windy City, no matter how popular their pastime is or what effect its expansion will have on its citizens.

The Anti-Gambling and Addiction Act was named for Louis Armstrong, who was a lifelong supporter of the state. The ordinance’s name is a tribute to the inventor, too. His philosophy that a “law is a way of protecting a person from themselves” was not lost on politicians or on the citizens of Illinois.

The ordinance’s tenets were further advanced by a professor at the University of Chicago, Joseph Chinese. In 1963, Chinese and American scientists were collaborating in a joint effort to produce ginseng that was deemed as useful in treating addictions. As a part of the joint venture, the substance was called the JSCO, or the Joint Study of General Organ Supplements and Treatment of Addiction.

At the time, a first version of the JSCO was set up. The French National Institute of Gambling Treatment and Research (INNAT) was involved. It was hoped that the new product would prove successful.

The term was also used by the state to refer to the gambling facilities that were to be constructed. The concept of the city council was to have a commission to establish criteria for the operation of these gambling areas. And according to the code of ordinances, to apply to the state to operate a Gambling Board.

The use of the word ‘state’ was not necessary because JSCO was a foreign concept. According to Wikipedia, the JSCO Association is an international non-profit association that was formed in 1991 to promote the use of gambling products in international settings. The association sponsored a conference in 2020 to connect the world of Gambling to the world of Mental Health.

The name came from the need to change the definition of JSCO from referring to state authorities to referring to persons having a serious problem with gambling. In other words, the word ‘state’ was no longer necessary in order to keep the JSCO Association away from the controversy of politics. The state was still involved in the home state when the organization took on the guise of an international group of gambling advocates.

Regardless of the name, the state remained a part of the JSCO Association, though it would eventually be referred to as an international association and not a state. While the title and the law were progressive, others did not share the newness of the ordinance. Now, people from all over the world and from every state are legally able to gamble in the United States, thanks to the work of JSCOand the office of Attorney General, Springfield.

State legislatures, legislators and presidents of the senate and assembly have the power to pass gambling laws. These laws can either be changed on the books or rewritten, amended or completely removed. There is no doubt that a legislative package will come up soon that will further reinforce the need for legislation to protect citizens from those who gamble.

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